Betaflex: the BETACRYL® heart beats in the direction of maximum antibacterial elasticity.

The Material

The study of new solutions and the constant development of BETACRYL® led to the creation of Betaflex, the brand new version of our Pure Acrylic Stone.
Betaflex combines two primary qualities of the material: it is totally antibacterial and guarantees a thermoformability greater than 30%, leaving the mechanical resistance unchanged.
A unique result for products in its category.

Why choose betaflex?

Betaflex means maximum antibacterial elasticity.

Betaflex can be used as a traditional Solid Surface in architecture and product design, but it enhances its specific qualities for all curved constructions: in the sanitary-medical field, in laboratory environments and for any installation where maximum ductility and hygiene are required.

The possible bending radii with Betaflex (12mm) can be less than 10mm (internal radius) and its extension capacity is double.

Betaflex, Extreme thermoformability

Betaflex makes it possible to create tops with much deeper washbasins, with incredibly reduced radii and vertical walls, contributing to a reduction in transformation costs that was previously impossible.
The usual qualities of the material remain unchanged: total colour stability, gluing with imperceptible joints, durability over time and silky appearance.