Your need, our mission

high intrinsic quality

We tried to give the best answer to a basic question: what is expected from a material used for the public and private spaces organization? Obviously a high intrinsic quality, ductility and dimensional flexibility, a low maintenance, essential aesthetic advantages and - last but not least - the price. Here our relevant answer to the question: remaining faithful to the pure acrylic, to the politics of small numbers, to a concept of accessible design, we wanted to continue to offer excellent solutions, keeping prices down and increasing using opportunities.

manufacturing facilities

Four new manufacturing facilities - three for the production of pure acrylic sheets and one for pure acrylic moulded shapes - and the set up of the first flexible manufacturing facility in the world from 930 to 1520 mm in width, are the foundation for what seems to be one of the most important revolutions in the coming years in terms of design and indoor and outdoor spaces organisation.

Materials, shapes and sizes

We are sure to offer to any different market, the widest range of sheet sizes (even ad hoc) suitable for all employment sectors, in the most popular colours (in addition to customised colours), and molded shapes of  new generation. As for the productive aspect, it must be added the enhancement to corporate logistics organisation, which, by opening a stock full of all our price list codes, allows flexibility to provide a powerful response.