Why acrylic stone?

Total waterproofness of the material: it does not absorb and any stains may be only superficial. Eligibility for food contact Restorable: the material can be repaired and restored forever. Color stability: the material does not change color over time. Hygiene: non-porous, imperceptible joints. Inert: not Subject to special disposal, considered as a solid urban waste

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BETACRYL® advantages:

Sheets are available in the widest market range of thickness, width and length
reduction of material waste and lower processing costs
production of copy colours with reasonable required minimum quantities
wide range of moulded products for kitchen, bathroom and sanitary equipment
production of moulded products on specific customised designs

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Thanks to its versatility, solid surface material is applicable in different areas, from furnishings (bathrooms, kitchens and furnishing accessories) to yachting, health and surgery (operation rooms) to public structures (railway stations, airports)

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