Betacryl sheets 6mm

Suitable for worktops that will not be subjected to excessive stress and for small thermoforming fabrication activities

Available colours
0 - 100 Classic White
0 - 101 Old Cameo
0 - 999 Night Dark
0 - 090 Igloo White
0 - 110 Vanilla Ice
0 - 130 Traditional Bone
0 - 140 Butter
0 - 700 Coffee Brown
0 - 810 Cloud Grey
0 - 850 Concrete Grey
Customized Projects

Customized Sheets

The wide flexibility of our innovative production system enables us to manufacture our BETACRYL® Pure Acrylic Stone sheets in thicknesses ranging from 3.5mm and 25mm, widths ranging from 600mm and 1520mm and lengths up to 4050mm. In order to remain consistent with our high quality production standards even for custom productions, we ask for minimum order quantity, which may vary according to the requested thickness and size. For special size production we estimate a delivery time of around 8-10 weeks.Our custom productions, in terms of sizes and thicknesses, are subject to specific price quotations.

Shades and textures

Our production system is designed in a so revolutionary and unique way that we can plan the manufacturing of sheets and shape products of any size within the same production site. By drawing from the same raw material storage tanks, we can also ensure colour uniformity from one product to another. Moreover, we are able to customise sheets not only in their size but also in their colour. On request we can manufacture sheets in any colour you wish. The minimum order quantity for custom colour productions may vary according to the requested sizes. For special colour productions we estimate a delivery time of around 8-10 weeks, after the colour sample is approved.